Reach. Disciple. Send.

Pine Terrace Students exists to guide students to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

We aspire to Reach teenagers, fervently praying for the spiritually lost, seeking divine burden,
boldness, and opportunities to share the Gospel. We commit to Disciple them, prioritizing transformation through devotion, discipline, and the application of God’s Word, fostering a Jesus-centered worldview. Our mission is to Send these teenagers, empowering them to own the Great Commission, educating and partnering with them for ongoing biblical missions. Through intentional evangelism, discipleship, and sending, we aim to create a generation that passionately embraces the call to reach, disciple, and send, echoing the transformative power of the Gospel.

weekly gathering



Connections (Student Worship Center)
9:00 AM
Worship (Main Worship Center)
10:15 AM
Doors Open (Student Worship Center)
5:45 PM
Midweek Worship 
6:00 PM